Conor:  Alright Wendell. So what is this kick butt stunt you text us about?

Wendell: Huh...So check this out. Im'a grind down the bumps on my board, ollie off the luanch ,and do a 360 double Jacknight.

Conor: Looks like your gonna fall down the stairs.

Wendell:Yea... that's what I said.

Wendell: Once I perfect it. Im'a do it in front of the whole town.At the battle of The Stump celerbration.

Ashley:Speaking about that dump Stump Battle you guy's finshed you history reports for Mr.Rumpskis class.

Wendell:Yea I made a diarmeah. 

Conor That's not a diarmeah it's a shoebox with a dead bird.

Ashley:What does that have to do with the Battle of the Stump.

Wendell:They had a lot of dead birds back then, read a book dude.


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