Opens up on Conor.
Conor What up, gamers? We're here today to announce my new team. And to all my fans around the world, there's something I want to share with you guys.
Farting sound is heard.
Conor Ashley.
Ashley Sorry. I'm still learning these sound effects.
People are heard saying "awwwwwwwwww" in one of the sound effects.
Conor That's why we're rehearsing. So we don't mess it up for the actual live stream this weekend. We can't come across as a bunch of noobs. There's gonna be millions of people seeing this.
Billy Millions of people here? In my restaurant? Oh, no. I gotta get that toilet working.
Conor No, Billy. It's just a live stream.
Billy It sure will be if I don't get that toilet working.
Wendell walks in.
Conor Wendell, you're late for our live stream run-through. And, uhhhhh...what's up with that?
Wendell Had to take my new girlfriend to the outlet mall for some fly threads. Gotta keep her look on fleek. Know what I'm sayin'?
Conor No.
Franklin Not really.
Ashley On fleek? Sounds like he's got another fake girlfriend. Like that supermodel from Sweden who's always traveling.
Wendell Supermodels travel a lot. It makes total sense.
Conor Don't worry, Wendell. I believe you. And if one day your girlfriend actually shows up, I'd love to get to know her.
Wendell Good. 'Cause here she comes now.
Lika walks in.
Conor You! (Tackles Lika over)
Franklin I think he might know her.
Cut to opening theme song. Cut to Conor's video titled "Every Pro Has A Rival."
Conor Hey, gamers. You may not know this, but every pro has a rival. Mine is Lika. She was my arch enemy on the solo gaming tour. Why? 'Cause she's one hundred percent evil. (Shows a picture of Lika) Bam! (Back to Conor) Three years ago, at the Tokyo World Championship, she sabotaged my controller. Two months later, she bribed a ref. And last year, she took the airbag out of her dad's car. Why?
Cut to Conor being blasted off from his seat. Cut back to the main video.
Conor Who does that? Now, Lika's back in town, and she's supposedly dating Wendell. So, here's how to stop your rival. First step, figure out what she's up to. Maybe I don't know what her plan is, but I'm planning to do whatever I need to do to stop her from doing what she's planning to do. Yeah, no, that's right.
Cut to Mondale High School.